We went with a Rick and Morty theme this year.  Our costumes were really fucking awesome!  Vy’s was the best.  Mine was second best.  Probably.

3 thoughts on “Another Halloween at VP Manor 2017

  1. Woa you guys looked so awesome!
    I was just done the first semester several weeks ago, and I realized that I haven’t check on you for so long.
    Happy new year, hope you and Vy get less busy and have more time to just, enjoy it haha.
    I’m about to study all day for the rest of the last semester and no internet of course. I need to because when you finish grade 9, you’ll have to sign up for a highchool and have a BIG test on it (Ugh…)
    Tell me what is going on at your place!

    1. Thanks! Vy worked hard on those costumes.

      Happy New year to you, too! Tet Holiday is coming soon, right?

      We are never not busy. It sucks.
      I’ll be back in Vietnam this summer! I will come to visit you guys if you’re still studying with Mrs. Minh. I should be there sometime in late May or early July.

      You’re already in high school?! We have 3 Vietnamese kids living with us. You should come live with us! There are a lot of Vietnamese kids in the house. It’s a little crazy. Plus, they’re all going to Catholic school. Catholic school is weird. None of us are religious at all, so the kids have all these questions about Catholic rules and I’m always like, “I don’t know. They seem nuts to me”.
      Anyway, it’s awesome to hear from you!
      Talk soon.

  2. I haven’t graduate grade 9 yet, but I will have the entrance exam in summer, and now still, working hard as hell. My family re-builed the house (I think I’ve told you) and at last we had to borrow a huge amount of money, so we’re in “super saving mode”.
    I can’t even go to my hometown this Tet, and it’s a pain. I want some Li xi!
    I was so stressed out last year that my grades just keep drowning.
    Luckily, I was moved in a new class and they’re really nice to me, so I chilled out a little, just to make sure I can handle all the studying things!
    I will go and live with you IF i have enough money and intelligence. Catholic? Never heard of that name before.
    I heard Mrs.Minh said that you’re going here this summer the other day, and I really hope that you can get here as soon as better, and if you can, buy some snacks! And some Li xi too!!!! (Haha I’m just kidding.)
    But seriously, give me some Li xi. I’m poor.

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