There’s a speech tonight in Syntagma Square in Athens and some dude is going to say some shit. People are losing their minds (justifiably).  The two options the Greek people have are going back to the Drachma or suffering the wrath of the EU or accepting a crippling 23% tax on all goods and services until their debt is paid back.
The EU has all the romance and delicacy of a serial rapist. Way to force two shitty options that are both crippling. Why not take a long view on this shit and give the Greek economy some time to get it’s footing back?  Why not push some less severely austere measures that people can get behind?

If the knob-end rich guys in charge of the EU have applied enough force to get Greece to escape velocity, the whole of the EU will suffer for it.  There is simply no good outcome unless it’s a long-term, mildly austere one, and no one seems on board for that. Good job, politicians!  Maybe you’ll get a war or something?  I know how you love seeing pawns die in the big game you’re playing!


Let me know what you think, yo.

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