It was sticky-sweet hot in Saigon last night. Triumphantly rolling back into town at 4AM had worn me out, but I needed to see my main man in Saigon, Stu. So, Josh, Yoon, Jackie and I met at the vegetarian place by the bridge to have dinner with Stu (and Leo) and drop some yarns, which we did. Jackie had a show, so she had to leave, and Leo is lame as
hell, but everyone else migrated to the pool hall to shoot some flipping stick.

Pictured: Stu, Islington Fats and Yoon.

The poolhall was nice. It’s on Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển, across from Mien Dong Thao.

You can also access it from the alley just West of here.

It was fun as hell. And you can cross the street for some Sinh To afterward. Easy as fishing.

Check it:

Anyway, I’m back. Developing photos right now should be posting shortly. Vacation was life-affirming. Shouldn’t vocations be as such?


Let me know what you think, yo.

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