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Commit to Failure, Y’all!

What would it take to change a government? To revolutionize it? First, people would have to see that the government was a festering, onanistic, self-sustaining pile of shit, right? That’s easy! I mean, surely, if a government gets to that point, every person in the country is hip to it, yeah? Maybe not. I mean, … Continue reading »

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Your Arm’s Got A Death In It

Sometimes I feel like a complete pussie.  I look at how cushy and safe everything I do is and it makes me disgusted with myself.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s something inside me that spurs me toward suffering.  Somewhere, buried deep underneath my yen for comfort and familiarity is a thing that … Continue reading »

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Luxuriously Rinsing at the Bidet of Life

I just spent a span of days in a luxury suite at the Vinpearl Island resort. Swanky? Yes. Humbling? No. Outside the range of what I could reasonably spend per day? Most definitely. Fortunately, I have a family whose children I tutor like there’s no tomorrow (you never know, right?) and they paid for it … Continue reading »

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Everything Is Burning

Me being so remotely located, some of you may have come to miss my sometimes psychotic anti-Capitalist ranting.  Well, despair no more!  Lo and behold: Occupy Wall Street (or anywhere) is going to fail and it breaks my fucking heart to think about another generation watching their soon-to-be desiccated dreams getting fucked to death by … Continue reading »

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Amused To Death

If your children aren’t wracked with fear and completely misinformed about historical events, you aren’t doing your job.  Fortunately, there are places in Vietnam that do the heavy lifting for you.  Time is money and those precious hours you waste popping wheelies while your unhelmeted child does a soft shoe on the seat behind you … Continue reading »

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