Here are some of the photos from the vacation I took from my wife in the UK.  I would like to thank the British Embassy for losing my wife’s passport, costing us all the tickets that they demanded we buy before they would issue a visa and then making us forfeit those and purchase new ones.  I’d also like to thank them for the expense of replacing her passport and all of the visas that we’d been granted at that point.  For the record, my wife is great and everyone was probably more looking forward to meeting her than they were to seeing me.


A super special ‘thank you’ to James for allowing me to crash on his couch, cooking that weird pasta thing (which was okay- JUST OKAY) and spending all the time and money he did showing me around London (not a cheap place to visit).


Ultra special thanks to Stu and Pulkit for allowing me and the Batman to be a part of their wedding and for allowing me to tag along on their honeymoon AND for footing the car rental and petrol bill.  I cannot thank you guys enough!  I’d never been out of London before!

And, finally, super thanks to the Smiths for hanging out with me, cooking me food (really good food) (better than James’s pasta), and putting me up for the extra night when TAP wouldn’t let me fly because they’re dicks (FYI: TAP into Portugal demands you have an outgoing ticket.  They’re all soulless cuntbags, so don’t try to reason with them.  Quick question for TAP’s leadership and/or Portugal’s immigration office: How does the cost of an outgoing ticket prevent people from illegally immigrating or overstaying their visas?  Also, to the floppy, miserable ticket counter lady who ruined my day with her shitty attitude and rudeness (if you see Marzela at London Heathrow, be sure to give her my love): go choke on a bargain bin find at Ahmed’s Used, Unwashed Dildo Emporium).




Let me know what you think, yo.

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