There’s not much to talk about.

I’m sorting my transportation, still. I’m having a good time, still. I’m eating my weight in samosas, still. Those fuckers cost, like, 5$ in the states; they cost 10¢ in India. What accounts for the fucking price difference, Indian Restaurants in America?!?! Outrage!

This kid had three thumbs (in total)
This is the entrance to the market.

I ate some delicious fucking doughnuts this morning.  Way better than VN doughnuts.  Definitely not proper American doughnuts, but a far better toss than Vietnam could muster.

Yesterday I went out and gave people who I took portraits of print outs of their pictures. They weren’t expecting this and it caused all of them to freak the fuck out. Seriously. I had a drunk guy nearly force-feed me galub jamun (the hot kind) until I barfed. He was a little rough, but I appreciated the gesture. The market I shot at the day prior (the pictures of the kid and the guy slaughtering the chicken) completely lost it’s shit totally (as a whole, I mean). They had people standing in line for portraits. Free portraits. Man, I’m such a good god’am person. Anyway, they were really nice. Really. I went this afternoon and dropped off more photos. I was exhausted by the time I got there because the subway was packed today (it is Saturday, by the whey). Everyone was super distracted by some football game or rather. Bengal was playing somebody or something. I was glad they were busy. It allowed me to drop off the photos and cut-out. There was a bit of pomp, but I was able to escape pretty quickly.

Fucking Savages!

While I was on the subway I watched people shoving and pushing each other as if they were fucking animals. Like getting on the train was worth their humanity. This isn’t a commentary on Indians in particular, as New Yorkers do the same damn thing. It’s just fucking savage. It’s also completely ignorant; you’ll either get on or you won’t, right? You’ll either fit or you won’t. Shoving just hurts other people and dehumanizes you. If you think about it, though, the only reason people shove is that people shove.  It’s behavior that would go away if it just… went away.  I mean, if everyone would sort of call a truce, it would stop.  Maybe.  It reminds me a lot of wealth grabbing.  Rich people are cunts and they are cunts because they have to be in order to keep their money.  If the rich stopped being dicks about being rich and restored some equality in the US economy by paying some fucking taxes every once in a while (or paying taxes that were commensurate with the benefit they draw from American infrastructure), the US could crawl back from the fiscal precipice or whatever.  But each individual won’t because the group as a whole won’t.  And if one person stops being a dick, everyone who is still willing to be a dick will take all of their shit.  Which is where the government should step in and force people to stop being such soppy cunts.  But the government has been bought by these same soppy cunts and only does what its masters tell it.  All I’m saying is don’t hold your breath.  As above, so below.  Judging from the bottom, the top must be some filthy fucking morons.

Too soon?

Let me know what you think, yo.

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