Prom 2019

Nhi, Kevin and David all went to prom this year.  It was so exciting that it crossed over into “boring” territory. 

I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit

Ten years ago, I started teaching these little assholes and now they’re all big assholes.

Ēostre Weekend Hijinx

This Easter weekend we drove up to Madison to take in the town for a day and a night.  We then went to the House on the Rock, which is definitely in my top five places in the world to go.  We had a lot of fun in Madison; it’s a really cool town.  It’s sort of what Iowa City is reaching for (and not anywhere near grasping).  Madison is clean, easy to get around and has a really nice human scale.  It could live in Madison, not that they’d let me.  Behold! Photographic evidence:

Cross-Country Fade Out (feat. James)

Picture this: the middle of summer 2018; it’s hot and cold all over; weather is happening from coast to coast; things are not occurring and happening everywhere; two adult men are making their way across the contiguous US while trying to maintain dignity and a positive working relationship.

Alternatively, you could picture SCB and James making their way through the barren American tundra of existential desolation and conservatism while the Britisher of the two politely doesn’t laugh at the Americaner of the two’s fart jokes.

Vietnam 2018

Here’s a very small series of photos from our trip to Vietnam over the summer of 2018.

Another Halloween at VP Manor 2017

We went with a Rick and Morty theme this year.  Our costumes were really fucking awesome!  Vy’s was the best.  Mine was second best.  Probably.