What would it take to change a government? To revolutionize it? First, people would have to see that the government was a festering, onanistic, self-sustaining pile of shit, right? That’s easy! I mean, surely, if a government gets to that point, every person in the country is hip to it, yeah?

Everyone instinctively knows when something’s not right, right?

Maybe not. I mean, what would it take for an entire country- the United States, say- to look and see that the government isn’t rigged to work by the people and for the people, but rather by the few and for the few?

What would it take to expose a machine, endlessly convoluted and consisting of untold, independent entities all operating for their own, individual good, thus unknowingly perpetuating a broke-ass system, crassly eliciting hope from the people only because hope is what the machine runs on?

Nevermind, this guy’s meme has got it under control.

What would it take?

What effect would it have on the country as a whole if we were shown that the basic tenets of our way of life are as undeniably fake as Larry The Cable Guy’s southern-fried accent?

Is this a photo of Uncle "Cut It Out" Joey or Larry The Cable Guy? Here's a hint: he's from New York and "You Oughta Know" isn't about him.
Is this a photo of Uncle “Cut It Out” Joey or Larry The Cable Guy? Here’s a hint: he’s from New York and “You Oughta Know” isn’t about him.

What would it be like if the American Dream were shown irrefutably to be a lie? If our country violated its own precepts as set forth by The Bill Of Rights again and again and again and again, what would it be like? If our country’s political system and government, in general, depended on the profits made by corporations and put the needs of those same corporations ahead of the needs of the people, how would the world of America be different from what it is today?

Think: what could happen that would shake the faith of suckers enough that they’d stand up and say, “no more!”? Could the people be shown that Democracy is an illusion and still go to work in the morning? Could they be shown that their vote doesn’t matter, that the whole thing is a distracting circus, a vain parade where any choices made are between entities so similar that a vote for one is no different from a vote for another? Could we be given a watertight demonstration that politics work in such a way that it doesn’t matter how good-intentioned a politician is- they will be forced to play ball-and we still engage in it?

What sort of corruption or scandal would it take to change the American way of life?

Let’s- just for fun- imagine that there is nothing that could achieve this. How would that imaginary world be different from ours?

Would it be different?

The short answer is, “no”. The US government is composed of hundreds of thousands of small parts. Each part can take the blame for an entire broken system and be replaced over and over without anyone noticing that the problem doesn’t lie with the individuals but rather with how the government at large runs and is built. The fact that there is nothing the government can do that would make its people lose faith in it is an enormous problem. If a government stands for something meaningful, there is a line that it can cross where people abandon and restructure it1. Our government has no such line and our people are woefully ignorant of this fact.

“Meaningful” and “real” are synonymous in this context and religion doesn’t fix problems; it makes them, in case you were going to say something stupid.

There is nothing that can be said or done to wake a people from their complicit dreaming who are so heavily invested in a way of life- who don’t want to see. I don’t believe there are any genuine conspiracies (X-files-style, I mean) or global schemes to keep people down. I do, however, believe that the American system is too prone to influence from the minds of corruptible humans who naturally operate in their best self-interest. There are no checks sufficient to stop this; each branch of government “checks” the other on paper only, and simply calling something a check doesn’t make it so. How much control does the president have over anything? How much control can a large body composed of divergent individuals possibly exercise? How much control can a small body composed of bipartisan individuals- each appointed by leaders with varying agendas- possibly wield? Not much. And no one can deny that, particularly in the last 20 years, politics have become more of a joke than ever, devolving into a marketing scam that seems to value little else than pacification and re-election. I’m sure politicians originally started using marketing and PR to secure their positions in order to execute their necessarily term-spanning agendas, but original purposes have become lost and people who maybe gave a bit of a rat’s tit have been replaced by bobble-headed dipshits who do little else than look good in expensive clothes and are able to read teleprompters.

Attractive, charismatic people are always smart.

It is in an entity’s self-interest to prosper, to continue prospering and to assure the prospering of their progeny. This instinct can and usually does run contrary to the best interest of a society at large, particularly when the wealthy work to use their filthy lucre to consolidate and control even more loot. Even worse than human greed, though, is human greed accelerated by the might offered by political position. The issue in the US’s governmental system is a lack of accountability. The government cannot be relied upon to check itself any more than your right hand can be relied upon to keep your left in line. Marketing machines work hard to distract and scatter American attention, making upholding political promises or even adherence to the basic tenets of our nation’s founding documents quaint notions of a long bygone age.

A system that has no standards for success or failure (such as the US government) can never fail. In science, this is referred to as unfalsifiability. If something is unfalsifiable, it’s bullshit. It’s a theory that says nothing. I imagine our political system is looked upon by most of its participants as a swollen udder, ripe and begging for milking. They know that it says nothing, they know that it IS nothing but at the same time, it offers all sorts of opportunities for financial gain and personal advancement within the business world at-large.

Because our government is unfalsifiable, there is no amount of outrage or wrong-doing that will undo it. On the other hand, rebellion in the face of a giant rule-enforcing entity that does not apply any rules to itself is masturbation. You do have options, though. Give up and watch the empire fall. Expatriate. Kill your gods. Stop buying. Say, “No!” as often as you can to those in power.

To fight an unfightable power, you dig in your heels and give-up. You defiantly throw in the white flag and refuse to participate. You commit to failure (which is, afterall, the punishment for not playing their games). Sabotage companies you work for. Vandalize advertisements. Awaken the somnambulant public to the ugliness of their passive existence. Force those in power to look down and see that the pedestal they’ve placed themselves on has had its column eroded to a toothpick while they’ve been admiring their erections in the mirror. Let them see they’ve left you with nothing left to lose and then maybe they’ll listen.  At least until you tell them that it’s necessary to dismantle everything and start over.  Then they’ll disappear you.  Regardless, you won’t be a fucking coward and at least your orphaned, homeless children will be able to recall you with pride.

On the other hand, if things work out, everybody shares an "ah-ha" moment and we all end up in the 3 dimensional world and in love.
On the other hand, if things work out, everybody shares an “ah-ha” moment and we all end up in the 3 dimensional world and in love.

1If, for example, our country stood for Freedom, there would be an amount of Freedom (however this is defined by an elected body prior to election) that it could strip away from its people or other countries’ people that would make its citizens no longer support it.

If, for example, our country stood for Individual Rights, there would be certain violations that, if committed, would make everyone angry enough to dismantle our power structure and start over from scratch. There are, if you’ve been paying attention the last 100 years, no lines in these regards that The US is unwilling to cross. Granted, they may be telling you that they wouldn’t or don’t do things like this, but they’re telling that to you from the other side of the line while pissing in your eyes; the fucked up part is that you sit there and take it (like a bitch).

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  1. Spot on with the PR in politics. I saw the country threw a hissy fit over Obama not gettin’ down with the pda on a kiss cam with his wife at the usa vs. brazil basketball game. Don’t worry, because the president always gets a second chance, and in the fourth quarter the kiss cam returned to let the public view something Hollywood would have deemed pornographic in the 40’s. I couldn’t help but think there was some little fucker in the Obama mafia you went to the kiss cam people and forced them to return to the president to give the people what they wanted. Immediately following the smooch, the crowd starts the “four more years” chant. What a stupid circus cake layered with trivial meats and arbitrary vegetables. Who the fuck wants to eat a meat and vegetable cake? Well I probably could if there was dead-baby icing.

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