These are the photos of our trip to Egypt.  The only thing missing from these are the pictures we couldn’t take at Kom al-Shoqafa due to their camera rules.  The catacombs in Alexandria were fucking amazing and I can’t recommend them enough.  Just mind-blowingly cool.  Super Indiana Jones biz.  It was nice to get back to Egypt again.  On the other hand, it was also quite sad and I found myself crying a couple times.  My old friend, Nasser Fayed recently died from a heart attack.  He always made a point of showing me around and taking care of me when I was in town.  I always enjoyed seeing the pyramids, but I enjoyed seeing Nasser more.  He was exceedingly kind superlatively patient, always.  Even the grandeur and awe-inspiring human achievements that litter Cairo and the Giza plateau were diminished by his absence.  He was a wonderful person and the world is a shittier place without him in it.


Let me know what you think, yo.

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