We made it out of Morocco, no worse for wear.  Certainly, the urine and dook smell from the leather bag Vy bought in Fez isn’t doing us any favors (or making us any friends), but we hardly notice it anymore.


Fez was a lot of fun.  There were fewer mosquitoes than Italy, which was a plus.  On the downside, Fez, Morocco is more tourist trap than place to see.  There are a few museums and some interesting old buildings, but between the aggressive hawkers, hash dealers (or maybe we get them because I’m a tall white guy who looks like he needs someone to offer him hash every few feet or I burst into flames?) and people following you in order to demand a tip after they’ve “shown you the way” to your room, it’s a bit of a nightmare.  The streets are poorly labelled, if at all, and there aren’t available maps.  It was fun, but there’s a lot of frustration- like any Middle Eastern tourist trap.  I’d strongly recommend going to Marrakesh.  There’s a lot more to see there.  Chefchouen doesn’t have anything going for it, either.  We didn’t have time to get to the caves or go mountain climbing, so maybe that would have changed our outlook on the seeming tourist trap painted blue.

The food was great- there were a few vegetarian options for me- and Vy really enjoyed the meats and fish.  We’re in Rome right now and the hawkers around monuments are just as bad.  At least there’s some kick ass shit to see, yeah?


2 thoughts on “Fez Is Nice, Just Don’t Get Any On You

    1. Why, thank you. A lot of these places are really pretty. We’re in Athens right now. So far it’s probably the best. We’ve only been here for 3 hours, though, and our metric for place quality is “the number of mosquitoes in the room where we’re sleeping”, so I don’t know how our scale would compare to someone else’s…

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