We’re leaving Nha Trang this morning and heading out to Buon Ma Thuot, which is the coffee capital of Vietnam.

Last night we took a night drive out to Northern Nha Trang and watched the moon come up on a dark-ass’d beach. Then we played Canasta in a poorly lit Smoothie/Juice/Drink stand.

This is a camera phone photo of a poorly lit drink stand. Notice the poor lighting.

Then, the moon came up. Josh and I talked about the poor foresight in cutting funding for space travel.  Then we discussed what each would consider a deal-breaker in terms of someone you’re interested in. If, for example, Josh had to moan in falsetto and emit a purple, staining viscous foam every 20 minutes for the rest of his life, that would be sufficient grounds for Yoon leaving him. Now that they’ve discussed this they both know, which is good for a relationship.


Approptiate hotel decor

So, that nice thing in the photo above was in our hotel. For some reason, her drawers were down and there was a jug glued to her ass. I can only assume they’re harvesting sap, but boob sap is harvested higher in the torso, so they’re doing it wrong.

While on the subject of Vietnamese decor (it’s FANCIER than the Marion KFC, here!), let’s also take a look at this wild beast we discovered today:

Forever frozen a split second before exploding, this cat's life is a living hell.

Also: this took a day to write. We’ve made it to Buon Ma Thuot, no problem. We’re living the good life.



Let me know what you think, yo.

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