Caw.  Caw, caw. 

3 thoughts on “I saw eagles

  1. I love the way that you introduced the square pixellation artifacts in order to emulate copying this image out of a magazine. It represents a wry, yet postmodern, sensibility into the presentation. Wherefore art thou, Sweet Chuckie B?

    1. Sadly, it was a cropped image off my phone from our last day in Nam.

      We’re out in LA. I’m running the academic program at a summer school, Thor is running the activity program and Vy is managing groups of kids. We’re having a good time. Might be selling pumpkins for Halloween. Might be running a farm house zombie paintball thing in Iowa. We’ll see. How was your birthday? I made a note to contact you, but this summer job has been really busy. Sorry. I’m a jerk. How’s things?

      1. I figured that you posted this in honor of it being five years since I last saw you at our wedding in Glen Arbor. Time flies, eh? Things are fine… nothing egregious or spectacular. We had a spate of visitors over the last couple of weeks. I’m recovering from flinging little kids around like sacks of potatoes. We saw the Tall Ships over the weekend. The Spanish galleon looked very piratical. Saw a great herd of cows on the way to a Civil War reenactment. Cows = Iowa = SCB?

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