We made it alive to Đà Lạt, no thanks to Vietnam’s state highways. Luckily we’re fully-qualified scooter wizards, thus ensuring our probably safe travel anywhere; regardless of the road conditions and/or number of Crazy Ivan bus drivers nature throws at us in between skin-flaying winds and apparently sentient rainwater whose only purpose in life is to find the shortest path to your formerly dry nut sack (I’m pretty sure one might accurately describe the vacant, sullen and lifeless stare of your average Vietnamese bus driver as vegetatively suicidal, which puts their IQs somewhere between a coma patient’s nut sack and the aforementioned rainwater).

Anyway, another day in the bank, another dollar left out in the rain. My apologies to any suckers out there not filling their days with adventuresome badassery.


Let me know what you think, yo.

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