So, Jackie and I were eating downtown and I catch a glance at the back of some dude’s shirt; it says, “Beers from around the world” like that’s a thing (in Saigon, almost all beers are from around the world, so that ain’t no thang).  Something about the slogan stuck in my craw, though, and after sitting with it for a minute, I recalled that John’s Grocery (AKA Dirty John’s) had that as a motto.  I stare at the guy long enough for it to be weird and I confirm that the shirt is, in fact, from John’s Grocery located in none other than Iowa City, Iowa.


Certainly not unheard of or anything, but cool nonetheless.  Anyway, here’s a photo of Jason (wearing the John’s Grocery shirt) and Jackie, two bad ass motherfuckers from Iowa, both with the same Alma Mater enjoying a rainy evening and tropical climes half-way ’round the world from their point of origin.



Nobody can believe this shit.


Let me know what you think, yo.

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