If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that the American system is rigged. It’s rigged to suppress white conservatives, it’s rigged for the rich, it’s rigged to disenfranchise the left-leaning will of the majority, it’s rigged to crush minorities; whatever you believe, we are all of a mind that there’s some dirty pool afoot.

So, in the name of fraternity, let us do something we all agree on.  Let us, as a single nation, rejigger the rigging so the majority of our country benefits.  Tip the scales to swell near every sail, right? Since the majority of Americans believe that the current state of things in America favors the wealthy* and Americans want the rich to pay more in taxes**, let’s take back what has been robbed from us with a fountain pen*** and make sure that if things are unfair, they’re unfair to the smallest number of people possible: the wealthy.  Make sure that things are rigged for the majority of Americans to prosper and succeed!

A quick example: the top five high-paid CEOs in America make nearly half a billion dollars+.  Averaged out, each of these dudes makes about $50,000 per hour. Half a million Americans are homeless.  That’s not fair. Charity and soup kitchens don’t help the homeless; homes help the homeless*+*. Every dollar anyone makes over a million could be taxed at 70%.  That can be redistributed into housing the homeless across all of America.

To reiterate and wrap-up: things are already unfair.  Let’s make them unfair to the benefit of the largest number we can.  



***Woody Guthrie, et al 1939



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