These are the photos I took on the last two days of teaching at Mrs. Minh’s school in Go Vap.  I had a lot of fun teaching these little guys.  Many of the little kids were crazy.  Many of the older kids were a lot of fun and very bright.  Van Anh and Minh Anh were both excellent students.  Tuong Anh was a super cool little guy who knows a lot of stuff.  Uncle Fester is a nice little dude.  Nhi is a super smart kid with really excellent grammar and pronunciation.  Spiderman was goofy.  Mighty Tiny was a a neat little dude.  There were so many kids!  It’s been a long time since I have taught large classes and I had a lot of fun teaching all these guys.
A special thanks to Mrs. Minh for giving me the opportunity to teach at her school and thank you to all the kids for paying attention and working hard!  Most of you, anyway.  Buns, Minh, Restaurant and China: work harder.  Uncle Fester: don’t be afraid to speak!  You know tons of English!  Use it!

31 thoughts on “Mrs. Minh’s English Classes

  1. How sad we are when you left Vietnam! All of my students talked and asked a lot about you. You are the greatest teacher to cheer my students up. Thank you for everything you have given us!

    1. Everything was destroyed at the show the night I left. Not even splinters remained, such was the rocking and rolling.

  2. How are you? I felt regretful because I didn’t learn seriously when you taught me. Trí (Ms Minh’s son). My facebook address is 01626387230

    1. Ha! Don’t worry, dude! You did fine! Just keep studying and you’ll be great in no time! I don’t have facebook! Look up Vy’s. She does. She’ll add you! Remind her who you are!

      1. I don’t know how to spell his name, but he’s the little guy who always wears collared shirts and glasses.

    1. Everything is great! We are cooking dinner right now and I’m trying to figure out a chore checklist for house chores! How is your family? How is Tri? He left me a cute message earlier.

  3. We all had a great time for the last two days as we had a two- day holiday (called “King Hung’s Death Anniversary”). All of us (family and students) talked about you all the time. They are so happy to see the photos.
    Tri feels so sorry and asks me when you will be back VN.
    Do you start going to work yet? When you arrange everything, please spend some time for skype learning as I told you before.
    Best wishes

        1. It won’t take much. My site is puny! But, I do have a lot of content. You had better get on it, if you’re gonna be stronger!

    1. Great! Getting ready to teach out in LA for the summer. I am managing a school for foreign kids studying ESL.
      How are all the kids? I still get emails from Nhi! Remind them I’m happy to check homework and talk to them!

      1. They are all well and some of them are going on vacation to their hometown. How are you and Vy? I miss both of you! Hope you all well and good luck!

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