Newski & Sweetchuckyb: The Deuce

Coming To Terms

The blue link above will open up the latest and sweetest jam you’ve ever heard.  Recorded by Sweetchuckyb and Brett Newski a couple of months ago and then kindly mixed over the course of Mr. Newski’s US tour, it’s about me getting my shit pushed in by a town and a stupid hair-cut.

Newski & Sweetchuckyb

Kill It With Fire

This is a sweet track recorded, mixed, played and mostly written by my buddy, Brett Newski (AKA: Brettholemuel Newskington III, Esq).  It’s about trying to dig your way out of a shitty hole (with fire).  The song is my brain-baby, but pretty much everything you hear up in there is Brett (I contributed some vocals and some clapping.  And some “Hey”-ing).  Give that mess a listen by clicking on the blue link above (shit’s labelled: “Kill It With Fire).  Brett can really wail, right?

The Schaeffer Bros.

The Schaeffer Bros.’ first and last album:

Death Of A Dream

1 Selkie Bride (Frank Black)

2 Apparition (Sweetchuckyb)

3 Black Market Baby (Tom Waits)

4 Something Against You (The Pixies)

5 Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits)

6 Dead Flowers (Drums) (The Rolling Stones)

7 Raider Man (Frank Black)

8 Fruitfly (Sweetchuckyb)

9 I Have Seen The Land Beyond (Beck)

10 Mr. Milk (Final) (Sweetchuckyb)

11 Oh, me (The Meat Puppets)

12 The Black Rider (Tom Waits)

13 Little Red Riding Hood (Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs)

14 Honeycomb (Frank Black)

15 Dan-der (Sweetchuckyb)

16 Why Don’t You Do Right (Peggy Lee)

17 Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

18 Dead Flowers (Still The Rolling Stones)

19 I Have Seen The Land Beyond (Studio) (Still Beck)

20 Mr. Milk (Demo) (Still Sweetchuckyb)