Josh's disgust aggregates with every meal

We’ve been in Đà Lạt for a full day. Yesterday we had an awesome flipping time. It was supposed to be raining all day, but was sunny and amazing all day. We climbed around the Elephant Falls for a long time, got lost for a couple of hours and generally enjoyed the mountainous roads. I was really leaning into turns yesterday. That may not sound like fun to you, but that’s only because you’ve never ridden a Vespa through the mountains. If you have driven a Vespa through the mountains and turn-leaning on mountainous roads still sounds like a Holiday In Cambodia to you, may gob have mercy on your soul.

Here’s a pancake to make you jealous:

That's banana and chocolate, my friend

We sailed around some temples and got sunburns, too.  Shit was cray.

Last night we ate at a restaurant called Chocolate in the middle of town and checked out the night market. We have one more day here and then we’re driving to Nha Trang. Today we’re going to a temple made from old bottles and a pagoda made from broken China plates. We’re also going to lounge around the Tiger Falls. If you’re jealous of how fucking great my life is, I don’t blame you. If you’re not, then I beg you to return to your creator and continue doing his laundry and light housework, emotionless robot I created that ran away to join a small appliance circus. Please. Cleaning my own dishes is killing me.

Why do you hump everything I love?!?!?

That’s the word today. We’re hitting the breakfast machine in about 10 minutes then heading out. I’m taking pictures, but those’ll have to wait until I get home to develop. Some of ’em are pretty rad.

Later, suckers!


A link to another driving video. Not fantastic, but it gives you an idea of what this mess looks like:

We’ll get a tastier one today.

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