This sign is only a little confusing

Today we went to Tiger’s Den/Cave/Dells Falls (there was some indecision as to what they were going to call it, I guess). Last time, the way there was well-signposted. This time, it was like being 11 and finding your parents’ sex-toy collection; difficult to understand, emotionally bewildering and something you have to come to terms with before you can look anyone in the eye again/see the waterfalls.


Needless to say, we all figured out what a double-ended dildo was for. We also made it to the falls, which were fucking AWESOME! Best I’ve seen in ‘Nam. Primarily because they’re impossible to find and there was no one there, I reckon. We took naps on rocks, climbed around and investigated things. It was pretty great. Anyway, here’s a photo of the falls.

Totally rad!

See you suckers tomorrow!

Let me know what you think, yo.

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