This is a video of today’s ride. Shit was real. It rained all day and we got soaked to the fucking bone. At the end of this video Jackie is laughing because the road ends in a lake. This is Vietnam’s State Highway 28, a major, featured-on-maps-type road and it ends in a recently flooded valley (the valley was flooded for a hydro-power dam several miles outside of Da Lat).  We had to trundle our Vespas onto a tiny-assed fishing boat.

Major tropical storm aside (or, fuck, man, include it. Taste the danger), it was a sweet fucking day. We’re safe and warm, playing Phase 10 in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere (that we only found because we stopped and asked for directions; shit was unlabeled).

Stay frosty, suckers.

2 thoughts on “Sodden Day of Death-Defying Driving Video

    1. We’d been driving down this awful road for hours and it ended up in a lake. It was raining and dangerously slick and rough riding down; riding up would’ve been nightmarish. It was some gallows humor, is all.

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