Varanasi is a messy, old twisted root of a city. There are deities here so old that the coats of paint they wear, new every year, are thick enough to hide any features they once had. It’s one of the oldest continually occupied cities in the world. It’s possibly the holiest city in India, famous for its Ghats; places that Vishnu filled a […]

There’s not much to talk about. I’m sorting my transportation, still. I’m having a good time, still. I’m eating my weight in samosas, still. Those fuckers cost, like, 5$ in the states; they cost 10¢ in India. What accounts for the fucking price difference, Indian Restaurants in America?!?! Outrage! I ate some delicious fucking doughnuts this morning.  Way better than […]

These were all shot yesterday and yesterday evening. The Hogg Market ones don’t properly communicate the smell. It was like death lite and shit. Not as bad as death proper, but pretty bad, nonetheless. The day shots are at a market well across town. I dropped off a couple photos and these guys got excited and had me shoot pictures […]