Festivus 2016

In the below gallery, you’ll find all the photos from Christmas this year.  If you want higher resolution photos without a watermark, please email me and I’ll sort you out.  Click on individual photos to get their name (the first four numbers are the pertinent ones I need to find the photo you want).

We had a good time over the holidays.  I got some sweet headphones and a 5tb drive.  I’m an adult who is happy to receive presents for the winter equinox.


Rob and I picked on Tri on Xmas Eve (we drug him outside and pushed snow down his shirt).  He was super mad.  The Xmas Eve photo has been digitally altered to make him smile.  He was frowning SUPER hard.  Happy Holidays, everyone!


Summer 2016, Embassy’s On The Case

Here are photos that symbolically represent my entire summer this year.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  Thor, Vy and I had a great time out in California working for Embassy running their summer school.


A Phu To Quoc About

These are the pictures we took at Phu Quoc.  It was a combination of fancy and chill.  Thanks to Mrs. Thi for footing the bill and thinking of us!  We had a great time!

Munchkins in Vietnam

The following are photos of the kiddos Vy and I live with in Vietnam.  These photos were taken in Da Lat late last year when we took a big trip there and then right after Tet Holiday in a brief visit we paid to the house while we were staying with Vy’s grandma.

Roadtrip to Ha Tien

We took nine days to drive to Ha Tien and back.  Our original goal was the southern-most tip of Nam, but as with most things, changes and mistakes were made.  We rolled with it and eventually got to some good biz.  We visited many of Vy’s family and family friends along the way.  Josh accompanied us for about half the trip.  No injuries occurred, which is great.  My bike did have a piston failure, but it was a quick, cheap fix.  The pictures are pretty neat.  Enjoy!