Today Josh saved a frog and a toad’s life. They were doomed to a cisterny grave and Josh scooped them out with a hoe (not Jackie or Yoon, but rather a farming implement).  We stopped to scope out a vista to uppercut all vistas and ended up saving some amphibians. It was neat because the view was so expansive and the creatures/our focus was so small.

We’re at a particularly placid roadside cafe overlooking a river:

You can turn your head sidewise and pretend you're here.

We had a big lunch and now we’re all taking naps on hammocks. Shit ain’t bad.

Silhouetted against the muddy river, something something something

In the distance someone is straining against a karaoke machine and a cool breeze is blowing through the trees.  This is a welcome change to the roaring headwinds and furnace-like temperatures we drove through earlier. It reminded me of the drive into Northern California from Oregon. One minute you’re in a mountainous, cool, forested area, the next the mountains drop away and you’re swooping like a pendulum into and expansive blast-oven.

We drove past a kick ass hydro-power damn and a government housing area that I’m assuming was built for the dam workers. The homogeny of the houses in their dirty, uncompromising rows was a bit sad to look at, but it went by fast. Welcome to the machine, suckers.

I love dogs. They’re great. People who love cats are douche bags. Dogs in Vietnam are weird because people abuse them. It’s so hard to get them to trust you, which sucks because the dogs get little chance to play with friendly humans.

We’re heading out. Talk to you suckers in Pham Thiet.

2 thoughts on “The Toad Movie To Pham Thiet

  1. Would you get at least ONE picture with YOU in it? That would be nice, AND a way to prove you are actually there, and not commentating from a cushy armchair in front of a computer.

    1. I’m the only one with blogging capabilities and a capacity to upload photos from my phone. I have some pictures with me in them on my camera proper; I’ll upload and edit them Saturday. I’m not gonna take a buncha photos of me and post them on my blog, mom.

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